Monday, January 3, 2011

R.E.M. (Reality in Every Mirror)

Sometimes these things just pop into my head and I've gotta get 'em out right away. I don't think it requires a whole lot of explanation. p.s. Hope you like the new blog layout for the new year!

 (Sung to the tune of "Losing My Religion")

Oh, life is shorter
it's shorter than I
would like to think of
the lengths that I will go to
the wrinkles 'round my eyes
oh no, I've frowned too much
I need botox

That's me in the mirror
that's me looking so tired
losing all my eyebrows
trying to pencil them in
and I don't know why they all fell out
oh no they won't grow back
I look like hell
I think it's because of thyroid
I think it's pre-menopause
I think I thought I'd never age

Every wrinkle
every crease on my face I'm
slathering with lotions
trying to keep them from view
like those airbrushed and perfect girls
in all those Olay ads
I bought it up

Consider this... consider this:
approaching half-century
Consider this pic:
I look just like my mother, frail
how could my neck look like that
crepe all around
and now I look like hell
I thought that I'd never grow old
I thought that I'd beat the odds
I'd look like twenty-six for life

But that was just a dream
that was just a dream
just a dream...

Oh well... at least I've still got my hair.