Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

I'm really glad I wrote the previous entry when I did. Nathan let me know it was time on November 15th, and I was kissing his sweet head when he drew his last, peaceful doggy breath. Up until the last day, he was smiling and shadowing me, if slowly and with extra effort. In fact, he was like that until the last few hours.

Thanks for the good times, old man.

The kids were going to their dad's that night, and I let them know Nathan was probably not going to make it. So they were able to say their goodbyes, and I was able to be the grownup and make the decision to help him before he was suffering too much. Outside the vet's office, I sat with him in the car an extra moment, listening to the sublime irony of R.E.M.'s "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" playing on the radio.

My wonderful vet, Dr. Speas, stayed after office hours for us and Dan and I were both there. Anyone who's had to make that decision knows how sad and painful it is. My friends, I will not revisit that scene, because I have cried enough and I know you did too, when it was your time.

Since he's been gone, there have been a number of very interesting and serendipitous events. I'll be writing about them soon. Stay tuned and thanks to all my readers for your compassion and support.

Much love to you all.

(title quote by great American philosopher Dr. Seuss.)

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  1. You know another friend of mine lost her 13 year old Elvis just last week...a more awesome black lab was not to be found. I loved Elvis too and took it hard as well. It also set me to thinking in the not too distant future that task will also fall to me for Jasper (Aja "Kitty man" "protector kitty" and "big electric cat") a big black stray that would not leave me alone til I realized his rightful place was beside me forever. So I sort of went into a weepy tailspin envisioning that day while I also mourned Elvis. And right when I needed it I ran across an article that helped immensely...because there was a line in it that stated " those beautiful animal friends come to us and entrust their lives to us specifically
    because they know we are the very best
    choice to help them out of this world with dignity and love, they entrust us with their death. A more touching noble tribute to a friend. I cannot think of one higher"

    I read that and it gave me some comfort, I hope itvdoes for you too..
    Sending you some love.