Sunday, July 12, 2009


(Originally posted April 1, 2008)

When I’m feeling down and blue about the Democratic primaries, or sometimes when I’m feeling sassy or pissed off or even very confident that the country will wake up and smell the coffee, I will tune in to Air America on the internet. There I can feel the great comfort offered by “my smart talking people” (that’s what I call it with the kids) as I whip up the latest culinary treat for the kiddies.

Now, I realize that most of my readers – that is, my immediate family – have never tuned in to Air America's “progressive talk”. Linda, if you read this, I feel pretty confident you’re the only one who has. I won’t go into lots of detail about why I love the smart talking people. It is nice listening to pundits who share my views, as so much of the talk radio around leans to the right a tad.

But that’s not why I’m writing this today.

I’m writing this to tell you about the ADVERTISERS on Air America. From the first time I listened, I was amazed by the ads I heard, and could not help but wonder what sort of comment it made about the “progressive” listener. Here is a sampling:

“DO YOU OWE THE IRS MORE THAN $10,000?” Call Associated Tax Relief now at 800-697-3052!

“Do the ups and downs of the stock market upset you? Grow and invest in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS… contact General Steel and learn how you can build a warehouse pre-engineered steel building by calling 800-965-1295!”

“Thank you for calling for your risk-free trial of Proactiv Solution!" Call toll-free now, 800-515-9684!

“DROWNING IN CREDIT CARD DEBT?” Call U.S. Financial Management My Debt Negotiation at 800-651-5279, call now 800-651-5279! Hurry before the new law doubles your monthly payment! 800-651-5279!!!

“Do you know why you get more forgetful as you get older?” All natural Memoprove actually stimulates the growth of new brain cells! Call now to order, 800-477-1706!

“Are you self-employed?” Call the National Association of the Self-Employed for affordable health insurance, offered through Mega Life and Health! 800-370-4133, call today! 800-370-4133!!

“Hi, this is Willie Nelson for NORML.” To find out more on the legalization of marijuana, visit, or call 888-67-NORML.

Wow, huh?

So, the lefties out there are apparently self-employed tax-evading zit-faced potheads with very poor money skills, and 800 numbers are their only salvation. (Seriously, "MEGA Life and Health?")

Although it was interesting that NORML was the only one to offer up a website in addition to the ubiquitous toll-free number. Guess the potheads at least know how to use computers.

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